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Additonal Website Security Measures

Additonal Website Security Measures We’ve talked about backing up and updating your website in detail. But there are other security measures you can take to protect your website from problems. Always use an admin name other than “admin”. When you initially install WordPress you can choose the username for the main admin account. Do not [...]

Top WordPress Security Plugins

Top WordPress Security Plugins A distinct advantage of WordPress is that it has a whole community of very loyal developers who are creating new plugins (add-ons) all the time. Even better, WordPress creators, developers, and users are very diligent when it comes to security. Yes, hackers are fast and smart, but the community as a [...]

Common Problems That Can Take Down a Website

Common Problems That Can Take Down a Website It’s time to dig into the gory details of what can happen to your website. Here are the most common problems that can either take your site down completely or cause problems that you’d rather avoid. Problem #1: Hacked Website Getting your website hacked is definitely the [...]

WordPress Weak and Vulnerable to Attacks?

WordPress Weak and Vulnerable to Attacks? Some people argue that WordPress isn’t the best platform for security because it is open source (free), which means that hackers can easily access the software to find holes in its security. I disagree completely with this reasoning. Yes, WordPress is free and hackers have easy access to it, [...]

Why You Must Protect Your WordPress Website

Are you aware that your website is hosted on a computer? Yes, the term “server” is just a fancy term for a PC sitting in an office building or warehouse somewhere. Most people don’t realize that the Internet is not quite as ‘virtual’ as it seems. It may feel like it’s out there in cyberspace, [...]